Elixirs ‘ properties


Energetic Elixir ROCK CRYSTAL

  • Give patience to learn
  • Strengthen the concentration
  • Clarifies and cleanses ideas
  • Stimulates all the physical system, strengthens body cells
  • Adapted for intervertebral disks problem, particularly in a slipped disc
  • Helps during problems connected with stomach and digestion
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Transmits strength of autocure
  • Gives Light and protects the aura

Energetic Elixir LABRADORITE

  • Favorishes protection in particular of all those who take care of others, of those who work with patients by avoiding absorbing their problems
  • Stimulates the clean energy by developing gifts potential
  • Regenerates body and spirit
  • Restructures the energetic bodies
  • Develops autocure’s faculties and power

Energetic Elixir EYE OF STRIPED

  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Applied to C4, Chakra of the heart, it reduces breathlessness, particularly in case of asthma
  • Calms down cramps
  • Strengthens Liver’s energy and slows down bacterias action in case of infection
  • Allows to set a goal and to hold it without scatter one’s energy
  • Stimulates those who are a little bit weak
  • Reflects, sends back negative things
  • Protects from negative waves

Energetic Elixir PINK QUARTZ

  • Favorishes the smooth heart running (as an organ), blood circulation and blood vessels
  • Helps in wounds healing, in cracks reduction
  • Allows to find a better quality of sleep
  • Irradiates Love, Affection and Tenderness
  • Balances the energies and helps to cure

Energetic Elixir BLACK TECTITE

  • Protect from the electromagnetic radiations
  • Strengthens cells and helps in case of anaemia or in case of infectious flu
  • Strengthens osseous cells
  • Strongly charged in cosmic energy, it stimulates the 3rd eye
  • Amplifies the aura and stimulates intuition
  • Helps to dissolve unconscious blockings (recommended when following a psychotherapy for example)
  • Helps the traveler to find its way and protects him at the physical level
  • Helps to get and to transmit cosmic energy