DEVAEVA® is glad to introduce you the new Health and Wellbeing Space 

Geobiology & Health
Care for your living spaces


research and solutions to make your home more enjoyable :

  • Study of the Habitat, study of  the place : research of the potentially nociv points for your health
  • Electromagnetic study
  • Purification of spaces : memories, entitie, energetic parasites
  • Balancing and Harmonization for both, the Habitat and inhabitants


Health & Wellbeing
Natural cares for your physical body, as well as for your energetic’s ones !

Gamme des produits DEVAEVA®

  • Organic and Energetic Cream with Edelweiss flowers
  • Organic and Energetic Elixirs with Cristals
  • Organic and Energetic Elixirs with Plants
  • Organic and Energetic Elixirs with Whales, Dolfins and Wild Seals
  • Organic and Energetic Macerats with Edelweiss
  • Organic and Energetic Macerats with Cristals

All ingredients are energetized, dynamised and have a high Vibratory Potential.